SkyCube v1.0 : HDR Panorama Rendering Tools & Shaders

Apr 04, 2014


SkyCube is a tool kit & shader library for generating HDR panorama images (skybox, crosses or cubemap) from your scene and transfer them to HDR IBL diffuse and HDR specular IBL cubemaps for image-based lighting in Unity.

SkyCube’s editor tools control rendering, convolution, converting, and export panorama file into various format HDR skymap or cubemaps. A full custom shaders library are included for HDR IBL rendering.

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• Render-to-cubemap tools
• High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering
• Linear and Gamma Space rendering support
• Panorama convolution tools
• RGBM encoded textures (32bit bitmap HDR)
• Rendering as Skymap or Cubemap
• Export to various panoramas format: Unity Cubemap, Split Cube Face, Horizontal Cross, Vertical Cross, NVidia DDS, XSI Strip, Spherical Map, Light Probe Map
• Preview before export
• Export channel selection
• Export format: PNG32bit and TGA32bit

• DX and GLSL support
• HDR rendering (base RGBM decode)
• Diffuse & specular image-based lighting
• Per-pixel blurry reflection
• Library of HDR shaders function
• Support various panoramas formats for skymap and cubemap
• Camera Exposure Value control for HDR scene production and preview
• Full shader source and samples included