AS3: Flexible Physical Accurate Atmosphere Scattering


AS3(Atmosphere Scattering Simulation Solution) is the tool which can physical simulate flexible height of atmosphere for your terrestrial planet.
The goal of this tool is build a physical accurate atmosphere scattering phenomenon both from space and inside atmosphere, and simple to use. All of AS3 shaders can work both outer and inner atmosphere.

For more detail please check manual or AS3 support page.

• Realistic Result.
>Earth Simulation Demo
• Flexible Physical Accurate Atmosphere Scattering: You can create any atmosphere height ratio planet and also physical accurate.
>Flexible Atmosphere Demo
• Easy To Use: Just one click you will get your new planet.
• One shader work for both inside atmosphere and space.
• Support LDR and HDR rendering.
• Work in SM3.0 and also support SM2.0 for limited features.

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