SkyCube v2.5 : HDR Panorama Converting / Rendering Tools & Shader Libs

Feb 10, 2015


SkyCube is a tool kit & shader library for generating HDR panorama images (skybox, crosses or cubemap) from your scene or imported HDR file and transfer them to HDR IBL diffuse and HDR specular IBL cubemaps for image-based lighting in Unity. It gives you a solution to use 8bits texture which encode HDR information to allow it be saved and simulate 32bits HDR result efficiency in Unity3D.

In this tool you can easily control rendering, diffuse convolution(Blur reflection), converting, and export panorama file into various format HDR skymap or cubemaps. Also a full custom shaders library pacakge are included for HDR IBL rendering.

For this version, the major change is the new feature: Support Radiance HDR(.hdr) file import as a HDR source.
That mean you can import any HDR Panrorama image in SkyCube and convert it to your scene as a HDR cubemap or skymap.

• New Feature: Fast diffuse convolution by Spherical Harmonics.
• New Feature: Export HDR as LDR with customized exposure and gamma.
• Bug Fixed: Fixed encode HDR maximum range update issue in Import HDR file mode.
• Bug Fixed: Fixed Gamma correction display in Unity 4.x.

>View Rendering Scene to HDRMap Demo
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>View Interactive HDR Demo
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For more detail about the Demo please check manual or SKyCube page.

• • Support to import Radiance HDR(.hdr) file as a source of HDR Map
• Render-to-cubemap tools
• High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering
• Linear and Gamma Space rendering support
• Panorama convolution tools with Spherical Harmonics
• RGBM encoded textures (32bit bitmap HDR)
• Rendering as Skymap or Cubemap
• Export to various panoramas format: Unity Cubemap, Split Cube Face, Horizontal Cross, Vertical Cross, NVidia DDS, XSI Strip, Spherical Map, Light Probe Map
• Preview before export
• Export channel selection
• Export HDR as LDR with customized exposure and gamma
• Export format: PNG32bit and TGA32bit

• DX and GLSL support
• HDR rendering (base RGBM decode)
• Diffuse & specular image-based lighting
• Per-pixel blurry reflection
• Library of HDR shaders function
• Support various panoramas formats for skymap and cubemap
• Camera Exposure Value control for HDR scene production and preview
• Full shader source and samples included