SkyCube RT v1.0 : Real-time IBL HDR Cubemap Rendering Tools & Shader Libs

June 4, 2015


SkyCube RT is a tool with shader library for in-game real-time HDR/LDR image base rendering solution. It renders cubemap with specular chain in real-time and cost less than standard cubemap rendering. It is a perfect solution for the case when you want use the same environment map for different glossiness objects/materials.

The tool orients Unity4.5.x and compatible Unity5.x. And it will render cubemap with specular chain at the same time (in real-time), it means you can access different roughness reflections in one cubemap and also can use them in one object, for example, like multi-layer reflection material.

Besides standalone version it had already been included in Skycube since version 3.5, you can find it in Asset Store: Skycube

>View Real-Time HDR Reflection Demo
Please note, if you want to open it in Chrome, you maybe need to enable NPAPI by: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
If you cannot view this demo in your browser you can also check the demo video here:

For more detail about the Demo please check manual or SKyCube RT page.

• Unity5 Compatible
• RGBM High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering
• Realtime Mipmap specular chain sample
• Realtime HDR/LDR Reflection Rendering
• Realtime Roughness HDR/LDR Reflection
• Smoothy cubemap update
• Linear and Gamma Space rendering support
• Easily use in any shaders

• Mipmap specular chain sample
• DX and GLSL support
• HDR rendering (base RGBM decode)
• Diffuse & specular image-based lighting
• Per-pixel blurry reflection
• Library of HDR shaders function
• Support various panoramas formats for skymap and cubemap
• Camera Exposure Value control for HDR scene production and preview
• Full shader source and samples included