AS3 New version with Real-Time flexible Atmosphere height in SM2


The new AS3(Atmosphere Scattering Simulation Solution) 1.2 released with new features:

  • Real-Time flexible atmosphere height changing
  • Physical flexible atmosphere height in SM2
  • Surface material support and sample

In this new version you will have a full flexibility of atmosphere in Shader mode 2.0 (SM2)  and also you can real-time change the atmosphere height and scattering of your planet.
Also you can use scattering function in surface material as planet material, you can find a sample shader to show you how to do it in this version.

For more detail please check manual or AS3 support page.

• Real-time atmosphere height changing.
>dynamic update atmosphere height demo
• Realistic Result.
>Earth Simulation Demo
• Flexible Physical Accurate Atmosphere Scattering: You can create any atmosphere height ratio planet and also physical accurate.
>Flexible Atmosphere Demo
• Easy To Use: Just one click you will get your new planet.
• One shader work for both inside atmosphere and space.
• Customized atmosphere’s color.
• Support LDR and HDR rendering.
• Work in SM3.0 and SM2.0.
• Support surface material.